Stop the Badger Cull

The new UK coalition government have announced that they ARE intending to cull badgers in England.

The Welsh Assembly Government is consulting on proposed legislation for badger culling.

There are currently no plans for any cull of badgers in Northern Ireland, or Scotland


Follow the links above for the full consultation documents, or just send a simple email in your own words to the
English and Welsh governments telling them that you think their proposals to kill badgers are wrong - and tell your MP too!

(consultation closes 8th December 2010)

TBBC mailbox
Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR

(consultation closes 17th December 2010)

TB Team, Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer
Department of Rural Affairs
Welsh Assembly Government
Cathays Park, CF10 3NQ


There are several campaigns seeking to raise public awareness and to encourage the politicians to BACK OFF BADGERS!

Badger TrustThe Badger Trust promotes the conservation and welfare of badgers and the protection of their setts and habitats. They are the leading voice for badgers and represent and support around 80 local voluntary badger groups.

The Badger Trust provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with MPs, the police and other conservation and welfare organisations.

Badgers need youThe RSPCA has condemned the Welsh proposals saying that "a badger cull could cause enormous suffering and actually increase the spread of disease".

Please sign their on-line petition today.

Secret World logoSecret World Wildlife Rescue is continuing to fight the government’s plans to slaughter thousands of badgers.

To add you name to their on-line petition, and to hear the latest on this fight, please head to Pembrokeshire Against the Cull is a group of landowners, farmers and residents living in the proposed badger cull area in Wales who oppose killing badgers because scientific trials have shown that it is unlikely to help. 


Peninsula Badgers e-groupThe Peninsula Badgers e-group is for anyone interested in the European badger (meles meles) and related issues.
The moderator posts regular messages from a number of sources including the Badger Trust, and all members can also send their own badger related messages to the group.

Why not join the Peninsula Badgers Yahoo! egroup? It’s free and easy to join!



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